Ilesh Khakhkhar

Ilesh Khakhkhar – A dynamic entrepreneur, who is a founder / chairman of Ethicare Remedies with more than 20 years of successful track record in pharmaceutical & cosmeceutical market.

Early Life & Education

Ilesh Khakhkhar was born in middle class family in Gujarat. He graduated with Bachelors degree in commerce from P D Malaviya College under Saurashtra University.

Early Career

Ilesh Khkhkhar started his career as a Medical Representative and by his everlasting efforts, he was promoted as an Area Sales Manager. He pioneered numerous break-through solutions and played pivotal roles in building companies development.

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Ilesh Khakhkhar

Ilesh Khakhkhar as an Entrepreneur

Ilesh Khakhkhar has not played a safe to reach the zenith of success his illustrious career. It takes an unconventional step to start a revolution, and that’s exactly what Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar has taken to start Ethicare Remedies.

Dedicated towards innovation, at each step of his journey, Ilesh Khakhkhar has brought a new phase of pharma products to derma fraternity. “Ethinext Pharma”, “Ethiall Remedies” and “Dermatalk” are his ways of giving back to society (Derma fraternity).

Ilesh Khakhkhar as a Leader

His kaizen strategy & dynamic leadership has led the company to become a major player in the pharmaceutical & cosmeceutical market.

The leader with a vision of constantly uplifting people around him, on a mission of making the world better than he found it.

Taking creativity & innovation as a fuel of his life, he thrives to change peoples’ conventional way of thinking. Apart from an entrepreneur, he also motivates people by his rousing speeches.


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