I met Mr. Ilesh to one state conference and he shared a great ideas on marketing and cosmetology. He is such kind of person who fill the gap between ideas and execution. Basically Mr. Ilesh and his team are key for our clinic development, staff training, clinic interior design, patient counseling, patient education, promotional activities and so on. because of this my clinic has achieved a good result in field of cosmetology. I really want to thank Mr. Ilesh for his great efforts & support.

-Dr. Piyush Borkhatariya

February 2009, was a day when I first met Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar. Truly an inspiration for me. His passion towards his work is like a wind. My life has totally changed by his advice and guidance. He is highly capable and motivating in terms of running an organization. He is an honest person and positive thinker. He inspires us, he keeps balance, he encourages the growth, he praises the talent and gives credit, and above all he is a true mentor.

-Mr. Ajay Babel

I think it's been last 7 to 8 years that I came to know about Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar who is very hard working, most important he is more innovative and he is always happy to help others in field of marketing. He helped me to train my staff, how to deal with clients, how to cut short the time, how to improve the procedure, how to make clinic impressive so many things.

-Dr. Ashutosh Pandya

Hello, I am Dr. Harshit Ranpara and I started my practice in 1998 and since last 18 years I know Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar. He has helped me in all situation starting from staff selection, staff teaching, my own marketing, strategies, my own practice building, in so many ways he helped me.

-Dr. Harshit Ranpara

15th November 2003, the day my professional journey started with Ilesh sir. I learnt lots of new things from him during this journey. He always makes sure that none of the associates faces any difficulty. Whether it is professional or person problem, he always supports us. To say the least, he has inspired me in every manner.

Till date I have great relation with him and the entire company and I am sure that it will continue forever.

Heartily Thanks!

-Mr. Kalpesh Patel (Divine Marketing)

Mr. Ilesh is dear to us and he has been part of our clinic. He has helped us to established our clinic in such a way that I am so confident to face my patients. Thank you so much for guiding us.

-Dr. Bhairavi

Ilesh Khakhkhar is a true leader and he has given us a vision to our life. He has always been more of a leader, less of a boss, more of a friend and less of a senior. He continuously uplifts each and every employee. He gives us freedom to learn, to experiment new things, to give ideas and many more.



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