Most if not all entrepreneurs embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship with a dream of freedom and fulfillment while partially it would have been achieved by most but to embrace it completely your business needs to work for you and thrive even in your absence


While I am on my mission on achieving that and I have created and achieved 60% of it and aspiring to achieve 85 to 90% in coming few years and because of that I remain out of my office and out of my business working on my businesses frequently


Here is my take on this


first to make your practice or business make independent of you you need to have burning 🔥 desire of it and make your way every single day building systems and processes


On that journey you need to sacrifice many times the impulse of being centre of the attraction

You also need to accept and create an environment where you believe in your heart that your business can run without you and you are replaceable… no offense please 🙏


Which is a process and test to control the impulses but possible


Dreaming of an Auto-Pilot Business? Here’s How I am trying to make it in my business

As a firm believer in the saying “practice what you preach,” all the posts and teachings I share in this group or during the Dermapreneur workshops are strategies and tactics that I have implemented in my own company. I can confidently say that they work because I’ve seen them in action firsthand.

Whether it’s employee engagement, team building, running an auto-pilot organization, or even extending farewell to a departing team member, my team and I have developed proven strategies that have helped us thrive and can be and must be performed as a religious rituals even in my absence no matter what and that signifies that those are the top priority things.

I’m currently on a business tour in the USA, attending several conferences, but I can rest easy knowing that everything is running smoothly back at the office. The protocols and systems we have in place make it possible for me to take several such long tours every year.

And as I told have achieved 60% of my mission of creating an auto pilot organization which not only runs but also thrives even in my absence that has allowed me to take several ambitious projects in my hand of making some big dermatology clinics as auto pilot organization. Sorry due to professional ethics won’t be able to revealed the names here

Speaking of which, I’m proud to share that my amazing team is currently executing various tasks seamlessly while I’m away.

From a farewell party for a departing team member,

to announcing the wall of fame which is done every month on the 7th or 8th,

Dreaming of an Auto-Pilot Business

To celebrating work anniversary of our key players

Work anniversary - Ubik Solutions Pvt Ltd

my organization is thriving and running on auto- pilot. And this is just a small glimpse of what we have achieved so far, the very tip of the iceberg. My ultimate goal for the organization is to reach 85 to 90% autopilot mode in the next five years.

As an entrepreneur, I believe that creating an auto-pilot organization is a dream shared by many of us. It’s about setting up systems and protocols that make it possible for the business to run like a well-oiled machine, even when we’re not there.

If you share this vision with me, feel free to contact me on Social Media Platforms, and let’s talk about how you can make it a reality. Let’s learn and grow together Dermapreneurs!


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