State government election movement is full on in Gujarat.


For the last 3 weeks or so wherever I look I see hoardings, newspaper, social media movement, road shows, rally and so on…and almost everything is flooded with elections. And of course, everything is at their disposal.

bjp congress poster

So who would not use that to the full potential!

gujarat election 2017


Let me share my opinion…

My marketing mind is switched on when we celebrate Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or Mother’s Day – We believe that these celebrations should not be limited to ONE DAY – rather they should be the way of our life!

So can’t there be a political party who adopts this mantra and does so much for society and citizens up to the level they do not require any marketing campaign, any hoardings or billboards and yet win by the majority – because that’s the way of their living!

Of course, good deeds can be accelerated during elections they should not be entirely dependent on these type of publicity means.

One would argue that citizens would be misguided and may not remember the good deeds done during a specific tenure.


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True… It can happen! But if the intensity, significance, and consistency of your deeds is continuous and unmatched, people always remember.

And yet if you feel it is required – go for a simple, single, and cost-effective hoarding across all platforms which can be put for public’s attention which you can find here….




Even this type of simple and low budget campaign can be viewed as a very positive step by the public and this alone can work wonders when it comes to having strong party image and voting. This will enhance the positive perception in public’s mind that this party doesn’t believe in fake words and doesn’t spend extraordinary money in their own publicity but instead, they believe in utilizing that money in doing more good deeds for the society.


What’s your opinion – wouldn’t it be a more impactful political campaign ever created?



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