Presenting the first ever and the only selfie I took in my entire life till date 😂😍


I like any other person avoid doing uncomfortable things unless compelled to do so. And taking a selfie is one of them.


Would you believe this mediocre piece is the first one? I took this last week, but when you see who this selfie is with it no more remains mediocre


When was the last time you did something for the first time? I strongly believe in this and as a part of that I worked on many different and unusual projects  still this had not happened until now as was not that significant…


If you see the gallery and camera folder in my gallery it is not full of pictures but of PPTs of the conferences I attend and books I read, no actual people


But you know what? A chance encounter with my mentor and idol, the one and only Mr. Jay Abraham, inspired me to snap my very first selfie! Now, let me tell you a bit about this amazing man. As the  creator of  the “Strategy of Preeminence,” Jay has profoundly influenced both mine and hundreds of thousands of other people’s personal and professional life. Over the past 8 years of following, I’ve devoured at least 60% of his content (if not more)! And I can proudly say it has completely transformed me and my business.


So, when I finally met him, (even though I have attended many of workshops but this was the first time met him as a part of a close group program consisting of 20 odd people) and so how could I miss the chance to take a picture, yes I just HAD to get a photo with him to immortalize and commemorate that special moment. Unfortunately, there was no one around to take the picture for us. At first, I felt like I was in a bind but then I decided to embark on the adventure of my first-ever selfie! Determined not to let this moment slip away, I angled my phone camera like I’ve seen others do, struck what I hoped was a winning pose, and clicked! And voilà! My first selfie, and with my idol no less! It couldn’t have been better.


You know, I’ve always been someone who loves diving into new experiences and trying things for the first time in my businesses. And that is why I have many one of its kind projects under my name.


I am sure like me you would have also gone through many such moments in your personal life and or professional life and would have cherished that decision or moment without caring what people will think but followed the principles.


When was the last time you did it for the first time?

Is this the way to enjoy the entrepreneurial journey to the fullest. Do you agree?

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