“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

– Ronald Reagan

Do you remember above video where our brave Bollywood hero Akshay Kumar appealed Indian public to send their opinion on helping families of our brave soldiers who lay down their life while protecting us?

This video he released on 24th January 2017 and he got so much positive response across the country, he personally took that responsibility on his shoulders to make it happen and on 9th April 2017  while celebrating the CRPF Valour Day at Vigyan Bhawan, the government launched the new website Indian Bravehearts – the brainchild of Actor Akshay Kumar in the presence of Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

Indian's Bravehearts

That’s really a good news for all of us who wanted to do something for our soldiers but didn’t know how to do that. Through this idea, Akshay Kumar has made easy for common people to donate money directly to the families of martyrs of central paramilitary forces with an upper limit of Rs 15 lakh to a single family. I got that news from one of my friend who sent me that post through Whatsapp but I thought before I circulate it any further I must start it from myself. So I took that initiative and donated Rs. 10000 each to 10 army families from the listed on the website. And as rightly explained by Akshay Kumar if all of us take some initiative and help in our best possible manner it can change the scenario.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

– Mother Terresa

I observe many people would be thinking that I don’t have the capacity to donate much. So no worries… Whatever little or more amount one can donate… One should donate… Even if it is as little as 100 Rs. – That’s going to make difference in someone’s life. So I encourage and appeal everyone to take initiative to contribute whatever you can and let the revolution begin.

We can contribute to this noble movement in three ways:

  1. By contributing ourselves whatever fund we can donate to them.
  2. By encouraging more and more number of people to contribute to this movement.
  3. The last but the best step is to combining above both the steps.

It really gives a sense of great fulfillment by giving. Here I am initiating my contribution towards this movement by contributing whatever little I could through donation as well as through spreading these words about this movement.

In the below image, you can see my certificates which are not for the sake of fame or publicity but I truly believe which will encourage many people to come forward. This is not a one-time attempt by me – as and when my financial position permits, I would be doing this.. But these certificates and this announcement would not be published every time.

Blog 4-1

I am thankful to Akshay Kumar for initiating and taking the pain to start this movement and giving all of us this opportunity to do some meaningful contribution to our real brave hearts.

“Our jawans fight them with all their heart and do good work. We need the support of 1.25 billion people to do good work.”

– Akshay Kumar

P.S. : While donating the amount in this movement, please make sure to donate on the government’s official website which is www.bharatkeveer.gov.in and beware of fraud websites.


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Excellent….hats of you sir …


It’s Really Inspiring to take a stand for noble cause.


Truly inspiring blog by you Ilesh Ji. Thank you for reminding. We will also participate in this noble cause.


    Thank you for your words! I would be grateful if you will take inspiration from this post and will participate in this cause.


Excellent thing.


Excellent Sir.