There are many marketing experts who think they have gone through a great length to market their business or to delight their customers. Many a time it is true also but most of the time everything is subjective and in our mind only.

Many times we come across many good ideas but we restrict ourselves – thinking “how it is relevant to my business or practice?” and we do not adopt that thing. The photographs which I’m presenting here are taken from a Golgappa/Panipuri shop in Rajkot.


You can zoom in and read the quote in above image, each one of them is so powerful and awesome.

If we observe the first impression comes in our mind is….

#1. What is the relevance of such images in the business of Panipuri wala? Almost Nothing!!

#2. How many of his clients would be educated enough to read this material in English?

#3. Even if they are able to read it, how many of them would understand this and relate to this?


Our first answer to all above questions would be little casual or negative. But he (the owner of the shop) doesn’t think so. He is not overusing his brain to justify all these things rather he simply uses his wisdom. He thinks whoever likes it that’s his benefit at no extra cost and if 70 to 80% of people may not understand this or they don’t connect with this, he doesn’t bother about that. Ultimately it makes him also happy and he is communicating with the world about his likes, dislikes and what type of person he is. But here my point is most of the time we overuse our intellectual than simply using our wisdom.  If only a 5% of his customers observe this and like this, it is good for him and it spreads positivity.

What another thing which got my attention is:


He was having chocolates to offer free of cost to his clients – the per plate cost of that panipuri is 30 Rs. where he thought of offering chocolates to his clients which cost 50 paisa to 1 Re. And some of his clients would take more also but, he doesn’t take it that way.

When I inquired about this gesture, asking him ‘How you can afford to offer this just for panipuri?’ He explained me ‘Yes, the average cost of consumption of chocolate for every day is minimum 100 to 150 Rs. that’s fine and I feel happy when I see the faces of kids or even youngsters after eating spicy panipuri they like to have chocolates and many times I have observed children asking their parents that they want to go to the Panipuri wala who is giving away chocolate with panipuri. So that has become my identity.’

What a vision he has!!!

So let us determine henceforth to use less of our intellectual and more of the wisdom.

My encouragement to you is thinking in the direction:

(After reading this blog post and seeing all the images) What improvement can you bring in your surrounding and in your business or profession which will not cost you much but will bring a pleasant smile on your client’s face? And how can you increase your market share through this type small innovative gestures?


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Thank You So Much Sir!
Provide A Rechargeable

If you are Really Love Of Our Work
Then Succes is Defenetly Comes On!
I Can Do Every Work
In This Planet with Planing and Preparation
Because I’m Not Sleeper
I’m A Worrieor Not A Victim”
I’M A Lion Not A sheep.!!

Bda Mza Aa Rha Hai Mujhe Apne Aap Ko Successful Bnane K Liye.
Kyoki kismat Mujhe Jitne Nhi De Rhi hai, Aur Mai Har nhi man Rha!

I’M A Runner..!

Thank you


Very nice block I apply it and i think need of Dr. and how I fulfil it with minimum cost and it creates my different identity…


Great insight. I especially like the idea of offering chocolate after pani puri, as mentioned children would love it.


This is really amazing that a Panipuri wala can think in this way too… Even where many of marketing experts fail to express such gesture this is a wonderful act… Really we also should think in terms like this….


very nice n lovely example of panipuri wala. one idea can be changed our life. creativity is a good thing.. thanks a lot sir


Excellent observation,
I salute that panipuri wala who’s thinking dimension is totally different from ordinary.


Thank u very much sir great blog every point i apply in my work creat ideas new way i salute pani puriwala i like the idea offering chocklate and panipuri Thanking u sir
Ravinder .. Hyderabad ..MR


Marketing wisdom are understand the need of customers.