Being different is all about being unconventional and adopting unpopular taking risk

How far would you go to provide impeccable experience to your clients? 

As a globe-trotting entrepreneur, I’ve spent countless hours soaring through the skies, hopping from one destination to another. It’s safe to say that my life is intertwined with the fascinating world of air travel. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing some of the finest airlines, like Etihad, Emirates, and Qatar, Singapore Lufthansa to name a few. But my recent  journey with Virgin Atlantic left an indelible mark on me that I just can’t shake.

Why, you ask? It wasn’t just the luxurious amenities or the attentive crew. This flight embodied the very essence of Sir Richard Branson’s innovative and unconventional leadership. For those who may not know, I’ve long admired sir Richard Branson’s mantra: “Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business.” And this flight was a testament to that philosophy which I could see in the crew members attitude and energy

Every detail was meticulously crafted to ensure the utmost comfort and satisfaction of their passengers but attention to details was paid to make them different from the rest. The airline’s dedication to personalization shone through when I discovered Gujarati dishes incorporated into their already diverse menu, catering to a wide array of culinary preferences.

However, the pièce de résistance was none other than Virgin Atlantic’s groundbreaking flight safety video. It piqued the entrepreneur in me, sparking a newfound excitement for the limitless potential of powerful marketing. Intrigued? You can watch the captivating video right here.

This safety video is more than just an instructional piece. It’s a testament to the power of audacious creativity and the impact it can have on audiences. Launched nearly a decade ago, this video instantly became a sensation, illustrating that being bold and daring can lead to unparalleled rewards.

The takeaway? Dare to be different. Embrace risks, invest in innovation, and watch as your endeavors catapult you to new heights. After all, it’s a game of standing out or fading away – which side do you choose? Like this many more out of the box ideas sir Richard Branson has used to market and make Virgin reach where it is now… for the readers curious to know more can Google it and you will find an ocean of unconventional ideas 💡

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Credit: Virgin Atlantic

Video Created and produced by Art and Graft

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