As an entrepreneur I have been asked by most of my friends how could I do so much or how could I work on so many amazing products simultaneously, My answer to this is always developing an amazing team and mastering the art of delegation but that again question comes how to find time to develop team and team members and again my answer to the repeated question is because I believe in developing team and team members and I mastered the art of delegation.

Let me clarify it is like you know chicken egg problem if you don’t have a team you cant delegate if you can’t delegate you can’t find to develop a team, again you don’t develop a team you can delegates and this cycle goes on and on so to break the cycle what I did from the beginning in my journey as an entrepreneur I proof terse team building and investing in the team over everything else initially of-course I struggled a bit because there are so many things to do in a short day of 24 hours but as you keep on doing the same without compromising the same negative vicious cycle will start working in your favor because with the help of amazing team members which you have already started developing you can start delegating which will free up your time which you can be investing in further team development which will result again free up your time.

If you are reading this till this line I am sure this piece of content would give you enough motivation and insight to start investing in your team, You never hesitate to invest in your client right
treat your team members as your clients only and see the magic
Did I tell you that yesterday in the middle of many projects, I invested 45 minutes discussing certain aspects and clarifying certain doubts of my new team members the “Future A player of my team”

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