GST Implementation – A classic example of “Don’t Make Best The Enemy of Better”

I know, like me many entrepreneurs and their businesses would be struggling right now because of implementation of GST with inadequate preparation on many fronts. But if you observe at the same time, it gives us the idea of the vision and thinking of our honorable prime minister. He is very well aware of the quote “DON’T MAKE BEST THE ENEMY OF BETTER”.


Many of us including me were anticipating that on account of inadequate preparation, the implementation of GST would be delayed and enforced from October. This thinking was in all of our minds because of our benefit but as a marketing person and management student if I analyze this thing neutrally then all of us also realize that it is our human tendency to postpone the work with a delayed deadline.

For example – on a scale of 1 to 10, if our struggle and suffering right now is on 8 then with delayed deadline we would forget the emergency of this and we would fall into the trap of comfort zone and in the September end it would be at the level of 6 but the suffering would always be there again.

This is a human tendency and our prime minister & government understands it very well. So, they show the courage to implement the GST at the desired time only as they know – there is no sagacity in delaying it because even if it is being implemented from 1st July, within 3 months’ time everybody would get settled. And if they postpone the implementation then again from October, it will take 3 months to get everything settled. Same thing was true with demonetization.

As an entrepreneur, I also suffered from the so called bad effect of both the decisions but as a cultured educated Indian citizen, I know the significance of both the decisions. It would have nasty memories in short term but amazing results in long term.

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If we connect this thing to our life and analyze this thing in our own lives, many actions we postpone, many decisions we don’t take in time and many goals we don’t pursue, just because we are seeking the best of everything. Knowingly or unknowingly we are making “BEST THE ENEMY OF BETTER”. while actual thing would be whatever idea has come in your mind, whatever decisions you need to take, whatever habit you need to develop just jump start on that after giving it a good shape and thought but don’t wait for best.


How many instances you can call in your life past or present where you are making “BEST THE ENEMY OF BETTER”? Share your views in the comment box.


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