In this world where everything is being changed at the jet speed, “Being Disruptive Innovator” is the only way to sustain your competitive advantage for a long time in any industry.

If you are observant enough with the right mindset and skills, plenty of opportunities are here in this age of disruption, are you capitalizing on it? Are you disruptive in your industry? Are you a paradigm shifter?

I read many things about how different things have been invented right from UBER to AirBNB to the multi-billion Virgin Airlines. If you also Google about such ideas, you will also come to know about many disruptive innovations which have happened in last 20-25 years. And it is a regular practice. Recently what caught my eyes was Bangalore based taxi service which has come out with a very novel idea. Disrupting the existing transportation (Taxi service industry) and creating their own mark in the industry. It is not far away from the days where it would be a huge success. Here is the video for you to ponder:

Now the question comes if a disruptive innovation is so much significant and the world is full of such opportunities, how to cultivate the habit of seeing the world through idea generating spectacles only, and how to become a master of idea generation?

There are 4 easy steps if you follow persistently and develop a habit of following these entire then one can constantly think of disruptive ideas and sometimes a million-dollar idea also.

#1 Pay Attention to Emerging Needs of People

As time changes, peoples’ priorities also change. And with changed priorities, needs also change. This is the case behind the idea of AirBNB & UBER. Same way in case of Kickstart cabs the founder was already working with an institute busy in taking care of disabled people where she sensed the emerging need of specially gifted people and she generated the spectacular idea of Kickstart cab.

Kickstart Cab

Here what is worth noticing is not only her observation and idea behind it but also her vision of offering amazing customer service so that Kickstart cab would be appealing to the general crowd also which is a huge market in compared to the niche market of disabled people. The second point is she could accommodate all type of disabled people’s needs through special several modifications in the cab.

#2. Keep Your Eyes, Ears & Brain Open to Your Surrounding

Keep the eyes, ears, and brain open all the time to your surrounding and the changes taking place around you.

The Kickstart cabs types of opportunities are happening everywhere. If we are keen on paying attention to those opportunities moreover only if we can identify them as opportunities. Be it a cosmetology industry or pharmaceutical company or Laser industry or any other industry; dynamics are changing every day. And it is not about observing the changes and opportunities in your own industries only. The founder of AirBNB didn’t belong to aviation industry; the founder of UBER didn’t belong to automobile or transportation industry. So, the same way one can find the opportunities in one’s own industry also as well as in other industries also. And many a time one can sense changes happening in other industries and how to generate ideas in one’s own industry.

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(If I talk about my business and ideas, in previous 15 to 18 months I have generated many disruptive ideas and out of those ideas two ideas are on the verge of completion i.e. BRAND YOU & iDOC. Same way I am working on few more ideas which are disruptive and would change the dynamics of my business.)

#3. Think in Terms of Providing Solutions to The People’s Problem


Constantly think in terms of the solution of people’s problems and see the big opportunity. Our human brain works in a very strange manner wherein default mechanism brain refrains from taking any additional avoidable burdens and that leads to developing the habit of observing the problem and just passing by. And that is why most of the people are not attempting to come out with a simple solution for the complex problems in default mode. So, we need to put efforts to develop a habit of seeking the solutions for any problem we come across irrespective of who the problem belongs to; the same way we need to train our brain to see big opportunities in small circumstances and in the things happening all around.

Like in the case of Kickstart, AirBNB or UBER; they were constantly thinking of solutions not only when an idea comes into the mind but also when we try to implement the idea, we may face many problems but the attitude of constantly thinking of solutions goes a long way.

#4. Persist with your ideas

Now, this final stage is where most of the people give up and fail to disrupt. And it is a common human tendency to conclude that the idea was not that powerful in the first place. But the people with true persistence never conclude and stop here. Because they know the persistence is the single most factor which separates them from rest of the world. So, they persist and keep fine tuning their ways of pursuing the goal until they reach the goal.


The final thought and exercise which would help everybody is:

#1. What are the changes you are observing around you?

#2. Which opportunities can you identify out of those changes?

#3. Which ideas can you generate for disruption out of those changes which will change the dynamics of your industry?

#4. And how long you are ready to persist with those ideas?

#5. And what price you are ready to pay to capitalize your ideas no matter which industry you are in?


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Disruptive innovation is really a great concept….
You have explained it very beautifully and the tips are really practical….


Truly innovative approach…


This is the best of our Development in our Industry. And this no company provide this type of Devlop our Employee.
Thanks to Our Ethicariyan teem.


very good concept sir we must be becomed opportunity
as a saying…do or die is older do before you die !


Every tips are highly motivational.
Time is begain. Focus on ur goal. I salute u ilesh sir thoughts and their wisdom..

Rajeev Sharma
@ethicare remedies


As a opportunity seeker, reading your blogs is a great opportunity to think in a innovative manner,thank you so much sir…


Very well said and explained…
And a thought process initiated in my mind regarding innovation at personal level.
Generally we think disruptive thinking is not my job ….but we r so wrong…
Thanks for the enlightening thoughts


    Thank you very much for your kind words! It really inspires me.


Fantastic ! Quite an eye opener


    Thank you so much!


Gr8 concept of of disruptive innovation…ppl should always open their eyes , ear & mind surrounding him to notify the changes taken surrounding & we should be a opportunity seeker


We have to be observant and alert to the changes around us. And be analytical. Otherwise Apple was falling from the tree since very long.

Implementation and improvising along the way is name of the game. For me, it is implementation and implementation all the way. Or ideas and planning may go waste.


After reading this blog, I realised certain points like, how a successful industrialist mind set works. In order to gain bigger opportunities one should must think about these four key points and finally, I must say about the five focused questions, which are given as an exercise can really help anyone to grow an industrialist mind set.

Thank you Sir, I really enjoyed reading this blog.