As we all know that on 28th April 2017, the final part and sequel of Bahubali would be released (The 1st part of Bahubali was released on 10th July 2015). So the sequel is being released around two years after the release of the first blockbuster part.

Here I want to share few lessons worth pondering to learn many new things in marketing.


#1. Pre-Release Hype

The marketing team could very well understand the importance of creating pre-release hype as well as reminding the audience about the unrevealed part of the story. Therefore, they made it sure three weeks before the release of the sequel; they re-released part 1 on 7th April 2017.

6 Marketing Lessons to Be Learnt From The Movie - 'Bahubali 2'

Takeaway :

We usually overlook this aspect in many of our strategy and input. So through this, it is high time for us to reconsider whatever strategy we design in advance. And the story doesn’t end here.

#2. Partnership for Mutual Benefits

They also formed a strategic partnership with INOX theaters where they strategically released Bahubali and as a result of that, other theaters also were forced to release Bahubali 1. I will tell you more about this strategy alliance in a while.


Have you ever thought in your industry with which you can form a strategic partnership for mutual benefits? Like if you belong to cosmetology medical treatment then forming a strategic alliance with Aviation industry, showbiz industry, event management industry, hotel industry where they need such services is very much advisable.

#3. Market Analysis

They also studied demographics like during March till mid-April, it is going to be exam mania so no big movies would be released; rather no good movies were there. So they could map the opportunity and decided to release it on 28th April would be a good strategic move so other theaters would also be inclined to re-release part-1 since they don’t have many movies in queue.


Like same way, if as a cosmetologist you do your media planning, ad release and campaigns well in advance, mapping the opportunity; you get the best deal not only from media but also from other vendors. (Even though the occupancy in Bahubali is 25% to 30% only but still it is better because no other options are left.)

#4. Target VIP Customers

The master stroke of Bahubali marketers is they advertised the people who see the Bahubali part-1 during these days would get a link on their mobile on 24th of April where they can pre-book the tickets ahead of general crowd, this is a good strategy while actual booking would open on 25th but these people can book on 24th and the booking can be made of any day, any show in any of INOX theatres. So the total traffic would be diverted to not only Bahubali website, Bahubali YouTube channel, but also to INOX website. Hence, it creates a win-win situation. The people who saw Bahubali in INOX only will get this advantage, and not in other theaters.

6 Marketing Lessons to Be Learnt From The Movie - 'Bahubali 2'


Many other apparel brand showrooms do follow this strategy in the form of pre-sales sale for their VIP customers means the sale would be open for VIP customers before it gets open for general public. That means this VIP customers get fresh stock and without much crowd. By certain modification in the format, you also can plan such strategy.

#5. Money is Not The Motive

With the 30% prevailing occupancy in Bahubali-1 it is understood that they are not making money out of this move but that is not their plan also. They are doing this to ensure;

  1. The proper hype has been created by word of mouth before the release.
  2. The audience is been reminded in a tactful manner about the incomplete climax of Bahubali-1 even if everybody would not see the part-1 again but they will recollect the memories.
  3. Generating additional revenue.


Like this, any entrepreneur should have a bigger vision and bigger agenda behind his all moves. Not all the moves will earn you money but it will help to make your other endeavors successful.

#6. Quality at The Crux

Does this strategy offer any guarantee of the blockbuster success of sequel too? Considering all the moves there is no doubt the sequel will get a grand opening but at the same time it reminds us the fundamental rule of marketing that is “No matter how powerful your marketing is (which of course substantiates and compliments your powerful original product) if the main product lacks in quality, no marketing will help.”


Same way, while choosing laser machine for the cosmetology clinic or choosing the medicine for prescription one has to be careful about the main product if it lacks in quality, nothing will help.

Let us hope the quality of Bahubali-2 would exceed the quality of Bahubali-1.


Nevertheless, my two thought-provoking questions to you are,


1) How can you fine tune/modify and get the advantage of this brilliant strategy in your own world and industry?


2) Which was the other movie in Hindi cinema which planned the same strategy of giving incomplete climax to release its pre-decided sequel but it couldn’t? Because of the quality of prequel was not up to the mark and was terribly rejected by audience up to the level they couldn’t even think of shooting the sequel. (The hint is it was a horror movie and the English translation of the title is ‘UNKNOWN’.)


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It’s superb …The stretegies are really thought provoking …


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We must create a right hype about our product and always create fear factos of loosing it.


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Great insight learnt from this 6 marketing lesson from bahubali which we will apply in our field
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