Have you ever thought of opting for 3X sales goal in any financial year as compared to previous year?


It is said to double your income and impact triple your investment on personal development and professional education and I truly follow this.

Last September I attended one workshop of a renowned marketing guru where he shared his idea of tripling his growth in next financial year. We were around 100 attendees. I don’t know about others, I even don’t know what are the actions & plan of that marketing guru himself but I took it very seriously and I adopted that vision for my organization’s growth.

I started working on that goal from that day itself. Knowing that it requires a lot of systematic planning, efforts, help from others as well as this vision should be installed deep routed not only in me but also in all my team-mates. For two months, I kept that goal up to me only and got deep thoughts on “Is it possible?”, “How much efforts & time will it take?”, “What would be the first reaction of people?”, “How people will perceive this goal?” I constantly thought about all these. I dreamt about this day and night and sometimes even couldn’t sleep as I knew first I must believe this to make my team believe. And second, my team needs to believe this to make the world believe that it is achievable. Then I presented this to the key players in my team and started doing all the underneath work needed on my part and then planned all the actions with the completion date and in a self-explanatory precise manner.


Even when the financial year 2017-18 was not started I was ready with 70% of my planning, execution strategies were designed on my end and we were ready to go in a big way. As with time the well-wisher doctors and friend doctors observed this thing through my efforts, passion (My DP & Status in WhatsApp). I already started getting co-operation & support and encouragement from them.

Is having good relevant DP & status on WhatsApp or having positive thinking about the goal would be good enough to achieve the goal? No, I had to plan lot many strategies, moves in a precise timely manner and all the things need to be executed also.

I would be privileged to share the overall steps I needed to take to pursue this goal and my journey along the way in this section only. So, keep visiting here.

One example of all the moves and strategy is sharing my two ambitious goals on this platform publicly is also a part of my strategy as it puts pressure on my brain to give my whole-hearted efforts to achieve it.


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3x is possible if it is deep routed.
And off course you are master in planning & execution.
Keep going we will not follow u.
We will overtake you.


I know u since long…
Probably u wl b person who can endorse new vision & ideas in current over competitive Era.
Wishing you all the very best MAMA….


I Will Do 3 X Sale


You have really worked very hard on the 3x sale goal. It is now our turn to make it a possibility, since it is a team work. I am in it with all the reading and learning and hope to be sharing.


Excellent ji. I asked your teamate put the heart & soul for the achievement of 3x sales.




Excellent Sir,
Your commitment gives us courage.


If goals look achievable, better not to have them.
I believe that impossible is possible.
Brain, strategizing, time management, taking all friends and sales force together can certainly do it and more. But with less emotions and stress.


Sir I am very eager to do run with you and my team and already i start the running .I will put my full effect to get our company in best in the world