Success. This word itself looks so lucrative, everybody runs behind it. But very few make it through. Why? They all have a gap in common. They have a destination in their mind and it is to be successful in something. But they don’t have a roadmap for it. They know what to do when things are right. But they just go blank when nothing happens as per plan.
Here are the 10 X-Factors that ensure success:

1. Learn From The Mistakes

Rejection always tastes bitter. And we hate ourselves when we commit a single mistake. One single mistake or a wrong step can get you away from your aim.

Here are the things you can do when finding out your mistakes but don’t know what to do; Seat alone for a while. Think what you did that this mistake happened. What you were thinking or what were your logics behind that step/decision? Then evaluate how we can soothe the negative impact of that mistake? And last, how we can avoid next time?

These simple yet effective questions can help you to introspect for your mistakes. It has a strong benefit of turning yourself positive. When you’ll find a reason of it; you will automatically focus on the solutions. And it will boost your morale to work on it.

“Learn from each of your mistakes. Because, those who never failed, actually never learned in their life.”

2. Know ‘YOU” Who Knows How to Win

You vs You

We all have a person inside us who knows how to win. Some of us just be unaware of it forever. Know that YOU, identify your true passion & skills and work with it. Gradually work on it to sharpen your skills. No one is ever born without any power. You may have to learn & work hard to improve on it; but everyone has certainly some specific skill set.

So, know that skilled ‘YOU’.

3. Listen to Inner Voice

There are people who have nothing to say positive about anything. They will try to demotivate you and to make you crush mentally. But, it depends totally in your hands. Whoever will tell you ‘you can’t do it’ are those who already failed.

So, never take them seriously and keep working on your goals. Don’t stop yourself from what gives you true satisfaction. One who cannot win will always try to defeat you but you have to believe in yourself.

4. Dreams v/s Plans

A vision without a plan is just a wish. From planning to implementation every step needs proper planning. Vision & dreams backed by plans give you tremendous confidence. To make your dreams true, planned execution is also essential.


Hence, keep working & planning for your next move towards success.

5. Be With The People Who Have Same Vision

“If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.”

This quote we have read several times; but it is also true to guarantee your success. Try to be with people who have a similar mind set of growth & development. And who also want to achieve something in life. People who are crazy enough to think about they can, actually they make it happen. We all need support to move forward in our life. To progress, to share our joy & sorrow; whatever it is; we’ll always be needing few friends.

6. Work as It is The Last Day of Your Life

Feeling low? Want a boost to yourself? Just ask yourself; what would you do if today was your last day of your life?
It works as an instant booster or energizer to work dedicatedly. Thinking about your last day of life will power up your mind to do several things that people can remember you after your existence.

So, work each day like it is your last day of your life.

7. Fear

Fear is an enemy that we all know. But what we don’t know is we can turn that into our fierce dedication to succeed.
Either you can run away or you can face it. And our biggest fear is of failure. There are people who never dare to face failure hence they never try.

Don’t conclude before you even start something. The hardest thing is to get started, and eventually, it will make us stronger enough to face failures, and learning from it. Everyone gets motivated by their own words mostly. So, think positive & make you each effort better than the last one.

8. Improvising Constantly

No one likes to live in isolation. And for that continuous learning & improvising is required. But it requires hard work & toil to keep yourself updated. We all want to make a difference in life. But we must do things differently than others. And it comes from learning. Do something that no one has ever done before. Then only people will recognize your efforts.

Knowledge is the core factor that sets you apart from the rest. Learn, educate yourself to move ahead towards your goals. We all can learn anything from everything. And, dedication for this will get you really far in achieving your aspirations.

9. Don’t Become Complacent with Success

A human being has a tendency of being lazy & smug once they achieve something. They stop working hard enough for what they ever wanted. And soon results stop coming up that good.


Take an example of an application. Every now and then it brings new updates. Why? They have also an option to sell the base version. But, they want to make progress by making it more convenient for consumers. And it fuels their success.

So, never get satisfied what you achieved yesterday & focus on what you want to achieve tomorrow.

10. A Pen & A Notepad

Always have these things with you, every time. It happens that while you are reading or watching a video, suddenly an idea crosses your mind and you decide you’ll work on it when you’ll reach to your home. When you reach your home, that idea just disappears from your mind & you remember nothing.

Ultimately, a better opportunity perhaps lapses from your hands. So, always have a pen and a notepad with you so that you can jot down the ideas immediately.

Take actions otherwise, number 1 to 10 won’t matter.


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